Electric Pallet Truck with a travel speed of 9 km / h KH.HS

Electric Pallet Truck with a travel speed of 9 km / h KH.HS

Electric Pallet Truck with foldable driver’s platform KH.HS for Mid to Heavy-duty application, ensuring efficient pallet loading/unloading over medium and long distances with maximum travel speed 9 km/h.


The Electric  Pallet Trucks KH.HS perform an essential role in providing exceptionally cost-effective handling solutions for warehousing, production, logistic centers and many other applications. The offered Load capacities for 2000 and 3000kg and the maximum travel speed of 9 km/h allow you to select the best solution for a warehouse where the standard Trucks with lower speed are not as efficient.

With its compact line, rugged low profile chassis, spring loaded Drive wheel and rigidly fixed castor wheels, this model ensures better stability when cornering with high speed. The foldable driver`s platform and manually foldable side protection arms enables reaching travel speed up to 9 km/h which leads to higher productivity.

The versatile and powerful KH.HS are ideal for working in the confined space in lorries performing its loading/unloading on ramps as well as efficient pallet transfer over short and medium distances. Easy and fatigue-free access to all controls ergonomically grouped on the top of the tiller head, while the pivoting tiller arm keeps the driver at a safe distance from the stacker itself. With the CREEP SPEED mode as standard the KH.HS ensures easy and safe operation even in the most confined spaces– with the tiller arm in upright vertical position.

The modern CAN Bus electronics requires less wiring, gives better reliability and provides easy and fast diagnostics. The virtually maintenance-free transmission with it’s 3-phase AC drive motor ensures smooth and efficient running – featuring high speed, powerful acceleration as well as good gradient/loading ramps climbing abilities. The standard REGENERATIVE BRAKING-mode with the energy reclamation to the battery improves the truck’s autonomy with a single battery charge.
The standard Battery with capacity 250Ah (optional batteries up to 375Ah) and ON-BOARD charger provides enough energy for a single-shift application.

The KH.HS with it’s very low operating costs provides a highly efficient solutions for pallet transfer, lorry loading/unloading duties as well as occasional order picking. The optional sideways battery removal system and PERFORMANCE Package (1,5 kW and Pulse Controller 250A) ensures the possibility for working in a multi-shift application.

Technical Data

Model Load Capacity Lift Height Download Specifications
KH.HS 2000 2000 kg 0.125 m Download Specifications
KH.HS 3000 3000 kg 0.125 m Download Specifications