Veni & Co
Veni & Co


Founded in 1992, Veni and Co Ltd. is one of the leading companies in Bulgaria, specialized in production of warehouse equipment.

For 25 years the company`s engineers have been successfully developing a wide range of products, distributed all over the European market. Veni and Co Ltd. is also specialized in the production of custom-engineered machinery based on specific client’s requests.

The company has established its reputation for advanced, high quality and durable products, as well as for dedicated and professional technical support services. The company is constantly responding to the demands of an ever-changing market through an on-going development of new products. By manufacturing warehouse equipment in accordance with leading international standards Veni and Co Ltd. aims to compare with the leading companies, specialized in the production of such machinery.

Most of the production with brand VENI is distributed by partners on several local markets.

The company`s goals is by following all the new trends in the area of Material Handling and Warehouse equipment to take the brand VENI to another level, where it can be identified as a symbol of innovation and quality.

Veni and Co. Ltd manufacture Electric Pallet Stackers, Trucks, Order Pickers, Hand-Operated Pallet Stackers and other types of Warehouse equipment with trade mark VENI:

  • in accordance to MD 2006/42 EC; MD 2014/30 ЕС
  • Used standards: EN ISO 3691-1: 2015; EN ISO 3691-3: 2017; EN 1175-1:1998+A1:2010; EN ISO 12100: 2011; EN ISO 3691-5: 2015
  • All products are CE marked and accompanied by an EU Declaration of conformity