Electric Pallet Stacker KMS.AC 1500/3,0
  • Electric Pallet Stacker KMS.AC 1500/3,0
  • Electric Pallet Stacker KMS.AC 1500/3,0

Electric Pallet Stacker KMS.AC 1500/3,0

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KMS.AC 1500/3,0             65 lv.   /    45 lv.      /     32 lv.      /     29 lv.      /   27,5 lv.

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Electric Pedestrian operated pallet Stackers challenge a big variety of businesses by providing an exceptionally cost-effective intra-logistics solutions for handling palletized loads where the warehouse space is at a premium and high efficiency and versatility is required.

The KMS.AC Stackers are highly maneuverable and easy to control – ideal for handling open based pallets (europallet 1200x800mm mainly), to carry out a variety of tasks:
– Pallet transfer over short and medium travel distances / up to 100 m;
– Low-lift and medium-lift storage and retrieval / up to 5,8 m, in narrow aisles / up to 2,35 m;
– Block stacking.
When working, the pivoting tiller arm keeps the driver at a safe distance from the stacker itself, providing at the same time easy access to all control units ergonomically grouped on the top of the tiller head – for ease of use by either hand. With its compact dimensions and featuring the CREEP SPEED mode as standard, the KMS.AC ensures easy and safe operation even in the most confined spaces between the shelves – with the tiller arm in upright vertical position.
The modern CAN Bus electronics requires less wiring, gives better reliability and provides easy and fast diagnostics. The virtually maintenance-free transmission with it’s 3-phase AC drive motor combined with the modern AC pulse controller ensures high efficiency and low energy consumption, thus gaining high speed and powerful acceleration. Additionally the REGENERATIVE BRAKING-mode as standard with the energy reclamation to the battery benefits a longer travel distance with a single battery charge.
The standard Batteries with capacity up to 250Ah (optional batteries up to 375Ah) and the ON-BOARD charger as standard provide enough energy for a single-shift application and with the optional sideways battery removal system every multi-shift task could be carried out.
The KMS.AC are highly recommended for indoor-use and multi-purpose tasks – with its compact chassis, clear view mast options, combined with superbly functional and intuitive operating controls – to enable efficient, fatigue-free load handling at very low operating costs.

Technical Data

Model Load Capacity Lift Height Download Specifications
KMS.AC 1500/3.0 1500 kg 3.0 m Download Specifications