(English) Veni and Co with a Delivery of Ex Proof Pallet Stackers to a military establishment in Poland

by admin, март 18, 2016 Новини 0

At the end of 2016 Veni and Co Ltd. delivered for a military establishment in Poland 26 pcs. Electric pedestrian Operated Pallet Stackers – Ex Proof version with load capacity of 1200 kg and lifting height of 1,5 m.
The tender was won in the highly competition of leading European manufacturers.
The challenge was quite big not only because of the short term for producing and delivering such kind of warehouse equipment, but also because the challenges to manufacture the Stackers with this specific application (Ex proof) and afterwards organize all the logistics needed. A significant amount of resources were used for the successful completion of the order.
Finally was made a training from Veni and Co specialists, as a part of the rules for the tender