veni-coAt the beginning of its existence in 1992 and in the period to 1994, the company deals mainly with the production of Warehouse equipment to ease the manual labor. Later the engineers of Veni & Co developed and implemented in manufacturing various types of Hand Operated and Hand towed battery operated Pallet Stackers (KBX and KBE). In 1998 the first Electric Pedestrian Operated Pallet Stacker was produced and consecutively the whole product range was extended. In 2003 the products of Veni & Co Ltd. were certified with the TUV Rheinland / Berlin-Brandenburg EEC Directive 98/73 (Directive of Machines). In 2004, the WIPO International Bureau registered the trademark of manufacturing production “VENI”.

In 2007, following the world trends, the company developed, implemented and put into production a new generation Electric Pedestrian Operated Pallet Stacker and Trucks with asynchronous drive motor.

Subsequent development and sales in the company are Electric Pedestrian Operated Pallet Stacker for Long Loads with movement in four directions, Electric Pedestrian Operated Pallet Stacker with counterbalance weight and side shifter/telescopic forks and also the latest and most innovative developments – Reach Truck and Electric Sit-on Pallet Stacker.


Veni & Co Ltd. always aims to follow the latest trends in the field of machinery. All products are manufactured strictly in accordance with the requirements of all european and world standarts.

Quality comparable with world leaders in storage technology, reasonable prices, professional service, permanent stock of spare parts and last but not least – dialogue with customers when selecting products are the main principles behind the brand “VENI”.

The secret of Veni & Co Ltd. is the individual approach to each client, the ability to design and manufacture custom machines based on existing models. With such client based developments the company demonstrates vast potentional for continous extension, enrichment and renewal of the existing production range, including high-end storage equipment and machinery.

“Our goal is not only to be better but also different from our competitors. We can make this happen with the creation and production of new products and thus we can achieve the biggest recognition of our company and our brand as a symbol of innovation and quality.”